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Fansite Agreement

Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:33 am by Ciaron

The Habbo National Security Agency is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Sulake Corporation Oy or its Affiliates. The Habbo National Security Agency may use the trademarks and other intellectual property of Habbo, which is permitted under Habbo Fan Site Policy. Furthermore this website is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed, or connected in any way …

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NSA Official Ranks

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NSA Official Ranks

Post  Kyleum on Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:31 am

NSA Standard
Agent II
Agent III
Agent IV
Agent V
Certified Agent
Certified Agent II
Certified Agent III
Certified Agent IV
Certified Agent V
Special Agent IC

NSA Security
Security Guard
Novice Security Guard
Certified Security
Experienced Security
Experienced Security I
Experienced Security II
Experienced Security III
Experienced Security IV
Experienced Security V
Deputy Security Captain
Security Captain

NSA Trainers
Trainer in Training
Novice Trainer
Certified Trainer
Experienced Trainer
Experienced Trainer II
Experienced Trainer III
Experienced Trainer IV
Experienced Trainer V
Deputy Training Officer IC
Training Officer IC

NSA Detectives
Investigator II
Investigator III
Forensics Investigator
Internal Investigator
Investigation Officer
Weapons Detective
Criminal Research
Chief Inspector
NSA Legal Services
Law Officer
Law Specialist
Professional Lawyer
Key Reasearcher
Financial Assistant
Jnr. Finance Officer
Legal Services Manager
Legal Solicitor
Deputy Chief Legal Officer
Chief Legal Officer
NSA Intelligence
Analysis Officer
Intel Operative
Intel Officer
Intel Officer II
Intel Officer III
Intel Officer IV
Intel Officer V
Resource Officer
Intel Supervisor
Intel Specialist
Intelligence Captain

NSA High Ranked Assistants (Names of HRA's will be added to the forum at a later date).
Stage 1 HRA Officer
Stage 2 HRA Specialist
Stage 3 HRA Supervisor
Stage 4 HRA Manager
Stage 5 HRA Chief

NSA Trial High Rank (To pass the trial you need to exceed to Rank 5 within 2 weeks)
THR 1 (This is the rank you are given upon transferring to the NSA).
THR 5 (Once you have reached this rank, you successfully become an official High Ranking Officer in the NSA).

NSA High Rank
NSA High Rank: 30c
HQ Support: 35c
Senior HQ Support: 40c
HQ Specialist: 45c
HQ Overseer: 50c
Intel Specialist: 55c
Mission Leader: 60c
Senior HQ Overseer: 65c
HQ Commander: 70c
HQ Supervisor: 75c
National Security: 80c
Mission Specialist: 85c
Senior HQ Supervisor: 90c
HQ Manager: 95c
HR Manager: 100c
Senior Mission Leader: 105c
Senior Mission Specialist: 110c
Division Manager: 115c
Division Chief: 120c
HQ Chief: 125c
Senior HQ Chief: 130c
NSA Internal Affairs
Affairs Officer: 150c
Correctional Officer: 155c
Defense Coordinator: 160c
Public Relations Officer : 165c
Weapons Specialist: 170c
International Relations Officer (IRO): 175c
Internal Standards Officer (ISO): 180c
Internal Defense Officer (IDO): 185c
Professional Standards Officer  (PSO): 190c
Law Enforcement Captain (LECa): 195c
Law Enforcement Commander (LECo): 200c

NSA Top Management (The following ranks are administrative ranks; they have more power than the ranks underneath them).
Senior TM
Elite TM
Progression Manager
Progression Lead
Senior Overlord
Elite Overlord
Intel Development Manager
Alliance Manager
Secretary of Security
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of War
Deputy Chief of Staff: Vacent
Chief of Staff: Alain95
Presidential Adviser: ganstadominic
Vice President: GingerDan
President: -GotApples?,

NSA Board of Directors
Director of Standard: Vacent
Director of Security: Crossflame1
Director of Training: gingerdevil88
Director of Detectives: Speed.Flame.5
Director of Legal Services: kweku481.
Director of Internal Affairs: VACANT
Director of Intelligence: VACANT
Director of HRA: VACANT
Director of HR: VACANT
Director of TM: .James..Regen.

NSA Executive Board
4ic Board Advisor:Anthonyb14523
4ic Board Advisor: Successfull
3ic Chief Finance Officer: Myrical-
3ic Chief Executive Officer: VACANT
2ic Executive Assistant: Punkanimemaniac
2ic Executive Assistant: AfroMonkey
2ic Executive Assistant: AgentSam23

NSA Founder
1ic Founder: motorhellog
1ic Founder: CiaronMofo
1ic Founder: pipbond


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